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We believe in brands that are a active part of the community, involving and engaging employees as well as customers making a real difference. With this in mind we create strategies, development strategies and concepts to solve specific challenges, but also strengthen then most important thing you have – your credibility.

By working with the how your brand truly feels, acts and looks we can help you develop your business, help insure that your employees are all working towards the same goals and create the right mentality with those you are trying to reach.






Effective brand development

What can your brand do for and with other people? For us at Krux the starting point is your own identity and personality, the promise you give the market every day combined with a knowledge of the people you want to reach and understanding that these components continuously need coincide. We wish to create strong, credible brand experiences that will surprise and touch people, develop your business and also allows people to intuitively understand what you stand for.

Ever since Krux was founded in 1991 we have been driven to make a difference for our customers: through devotion to your business, insights that provide good foundations for growth, out of the box ideas, designs which impress and the right timing. Today Krux is a communications agency with a holistic approach when it comes to brand development, evolving with our customers, ever changing trends, the market and consumer behavior. We no longer only deal with advertising production, but increasingly with business strategy, concept development, strategic design, public relations, portfolio planning, service and product packaging and brand orientation of entire operations.

We believe in strong partnerships with our clients where we work together with great confidence in each other. As your lead agency, we share your challenges and take responsibility for driving and coordinating branding and marketing efforts. We contribute with skillful team focused on strategy, insight, concept development and project management. In our studio we word oriented to see results with the ideas and production within creative communication in digital, social and print.

The culture we have created at Krux as all as the strong momentum in each of our employees is crucial and the most prominent reason that we have been able to become the hub of one of Norrland’s largest communications companies. Our willingness to constantly improve and not get stuck in old patterns makes us a partner who will constantly challenge, question and come up with unexpected solutions. But also a partner that listens carefully, who wishes to live work closely with you, to understand your business in depth. We always go the extra mile for our customers and partners, because that’s what we are passionate about.




Citat Jens

”Hur väl du löser dina kunders problem definierar ditt varumärke i minst lika hög grad som kommunikationen.”

Mathias Gabrielsson, varumärkesstrateg



What we can help you with

Insight, analysis
and measurement

You get an understanding of different trends and external events affecting your offer and your communication, and help to examine how your audiences think and act. You’ll find out how your brand is perceived and which effect the efforts made have had.

and business

We help you define your brand’s personality and find a direction for development. We look at how the various activities and promotions relate to each other and how your business can be sharpened even further. Through our sister company Gate 88 we can offer further help when it comes to international business.

and channels

You get long-term sustainable communication concepts as well as effective and creative ideas that help your message stand out and find the right target. We help you integrate digital, social, mobile, and print as well as planning and producing your campaign so that all communication is exicuted at the right time with the right content.

and in-store

You get help with packaging design, 3D visualization and visual merchandising that illuminates your products and drive sales. Our work is based on consumer trends, design concepts, styling and a unique knowledge of the technical printing conditions.

PR and

Through our sister agency Dixie PR we can help you build relationships, create opinions and reach out messages that are important for your brand. We handle everything from magazine production and social dialogue to your internal information flows. We also offer training for crisis situations and meetings with the media.

and design

Your brand receives a visual identity that builds a sense of justice and values. We work strategically and creatively with design concept and deliver profiles with logo, color selection and fonts, as well as style guides that show how graphic expressions can be customized for all types of uses.

Digital, video
och graphic production

In addition to all types of print production we can help you develop, analyze and update your website, campaign site, online shop, newsletter or other digital devices on modern platforms. We also produce the film, 3D animation and computer generated imagery (CGI) to visualize and enhance the effectiveness of your message.

Meetings, fairs
and events

With attention to detail and a sense of holistic concept plans that carry out strong emotions, which allow others to understand, remember and like your brand. It makes you visible at the show, the client meeting speaks to the senses and to the conference shows who you are.

Education and

By inspiring lectures, workshops and training you, your management team, your employees or customers recieve new insights and help to understand the context. The theme may be, for example external trends, branding, marketing or social media.

Creative, smart and social fighters

In the Krux-team we are always all in. One for all and all for one. Here are our team players.

Åsa Hällgren
Art Director/Formgivare
070 660 92 46


Anna Drejing-Carroll
Designer/Art Director

Annelie Jönsson
070 811 84 77


Cecilia Morén
070 246 86 79


Marcus Bolander
070 661 02 87


Elin Olsson
Art Director/Formgivare
070 668 40 39


Patrik Bergström
076 847 83 76


Erik Arvidsson
070 677 48 80


Eva Lundqvist
070 236 67 89


Mathias Gabrielsson
070 511 69 09


Helena Melender
Art Director/Formgivare
070 220 99 77


Åsa Grundberg
Grafisk producent
070 685 60 13


Jens Mårtensson
070 641 22 71


Jessica Karlsson


Sara Hedman
Digital Media Designer
070 235 34 67


Fredrik Forsmark
070 739 03 39


Niclas Lundmark
Digital Media Designer
070 276 74 85


Nina Arvidsson
070 573 19 68


Erik Lundqvist
070 681 57 57


Per Zimdahl
Designer/Art Director
070 300 01 15


Rikard Skärfstad
070 355 42 45


David Forsström
070 349 07 96


Ulla-Karin Hedman
Art Director/Formgivare
070 648 38 12


Helly Strömbro Ershag
Creative Director/
070 343 45 74


Amie Wiklund
Grafisk producent
070 558 92 39


Jenny Ferry
070 283 04 98


Nicola Hood
Digital strateg & projektkoordinator
073 074 38 85


Simon Wiklund
073 818 15 03


Malin Lundqvist
0730 55 03 32


Malin Burlin
070 379 51 92

Sara Stenman
Art director
073 592 57 89


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